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    What is PERFORMACIDE®?

    Star brite's PERFORMACIDE® is a suite of unique point-of-use ClO2 generation system products. There are three main PERFORMACIDE® categories: Disinfectants for Hard non-porous surfaces, Air Care Products, and Mold & Mildew Products. When the PERFORMACIDE® sachet is immersed in water, it creates a ClO2 solution that delivers the freshest, most effective means of disinfecting, sanitizing, deodorizing and mold/mildew control. The solution remains active for 15 days.

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    What is ClO2?

    Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) is in wide use as a cleaning, disinfection and odor elimination agent in municipal water treatment facilities, hospitals, food processing plants and more. As several examples of its effectiveness, ClO2 was used to eradicate dangerous molds from storm- and flood-damaged homes and buildings throughout the Gulf states following Hurricane Katrina, to disinfect buildings contaminated with anthrax in 2001 and for the control of toxic bacteria such as that which causes Legionnaires disease.

Disinfectant against:

  • Methicillin Resistant S. aureus (MRSA)
  • Staphylococcus Aureus
  • Listeria moncytogenes
  • Pseudomonas aruginosa
  • Salmonella
  • Trichophyton mentagrophytes (Athlete's foot)
  • Vancomycin Resistant
  • Enterococcus faecalis
  • Mycobacterium bovis (TB)
  • Candida albicans

Sanitizer against:

  • Staphylococcus Aureus
  • Salmonella typhimurium
  • Listeria moncytogenes
  • E Coli
  • Klebsiella pneumonia
  • Listeria moncytogenes

Virucide against:

  • Adenovirus type 5
  • Coronavirus
  • HIV-1
  • Hepatitis A
  • Herpes Simplex-2
  • Poliovirus-1
  • Influenza A
  • Canine Parvovirus
  • Norovirus
  • Feline Calicivirus
  • Rhinovirus
  • Rotavirus
  • Vaccinia Virus

Fungicide against:

  • Fusarium solani
  • Botrytis Sp
  • Penicillium digitatum

Directions For Use

  • Wet area with mop, sprayer, sponge, or pressurized tank sprayer and allow to air dry.
  • This product can be applied to walls, floors, furniture, stainless steel, glass, vinyl, or other hard non-porous surfaces.
  • Applications include hospitals, medical facilities, veterinary hospitals & kennels, public areas, first responder facilities and equipment, clinics, rehabilitation facilities, diagnostic centers, food processing and serving facilities & beverage bottling facilities.