Gyms, Health Clubs, Locker Rooms

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Gyms, Health Clubs, Locker Rooms

Keeping Gyms Heathy is Important

The germs and bacteria contained in the sweat can contaminate workout equipment attach to the next user. Proper and thorough cleaning of gyms and health clubs, including the locker rooms, is essential to keeping the guests and staff healthy. PERFORMACIDE® effectively kills MRSA, cold and flu viruses and even Athlete’s Foot Fungus in gyms and health clubs. Plus, it's fast and easy for staff to use. Just spray and air dry.

Stop the Spread of Illness

When people go to the health club when they’re sick, they are spreading their germs to everyone else who uses the gym facility and locker rooms. This often results in major breakouts of flu, and MRSA virus among staff and guests. General cleaning products don’t kill flu germs and MRSA virus. PERFORMACIDE® is a hospital grade hard surface disinfectant that actually kills germs from cold and flu, Athlete’s Foot Fungus and even MRSA virus.

Ridding Locker Rooms of Athlete’s Foot Fungus

There isn’t a gym or health club facility that hasn’t had issues dealing with the spread of Athlete’s Foot Fungus in their locker rooms and steam rooms. While Athlete’s Foot generally isn’t a serious health issue, it can be devastating for those with Diabetes or depleted immune systems. PERFORMACIDE® not only kills Athlete’s Foot Fungus, but it also kills cold and flu germs and MRSA throughout gyms and health clubs.

PERFORMACIDE® for Healthier Gyms and Health Clubs

PERFORMACIDE® is a hospital grade hard surface disinfectant that can help to keep the staff and guests of gyms and health clubs healthier. It kills the MRSA virus, as well as the germs from colds and flu. In locker rooms, PERFORMACIDE® also kills Athlete’s Foot Fungus.