Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) is an oxidizer with 2.6 times the power of peroxide or bleach but 1/3 less corrosion potential and no harmful residue. Active ClO2 is commonly used in municipal water treatment and food processing facilities where it is always made fresh on-site with big machines because it does not store well. 
PERFORMACIDE brings the power of ACTIVE ClO2 to everyone in an easy-to-use pre-measured pouch that is EPA-registered for use as a NO-WIPE, NO-RINSE, NO-RESIDUE disinfectant, virucide, sanitizer, deodorizer, and fungicide. Plus, reusing plastic bottles reduces waste, carbon emissions, and is better for the environment. 
The Power is in the Pouch. Just Add Water!

What is the benefit of PERFORMACIDE compared to all the alternatives?

STORAGE: PERFORMACIDE's patented pouch can be stored unactivated for years longer in far less space than ready-to-use liquid products. Liquid disinfectants contain water which is heavy and wasteful to ship. The PERFORMACIDE pouch lets you make fresh disinfectant with plain tap water, at full potency, when and where you need it. The promise of the pouch means you could carry 1000 gallons worth in a backpack to some remote jungle village, replace a warehouse with a closet, or just keep a few handy in your kitchen drawer or emergency supplies. The possibilities are endless.

EFFECTIVE: Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) is an oxidizer with 2.6 times the power of peroxide or bleach but 1/3 less corrosion potential and no harmful residue. This means you use less chemical with a better result.

SUSTAINABLE: Reduce plastic waste and carbon emissions by not shipping water. A 3-gallon refill pack of PERFORMACIDE comes in a 5"x7" envelope.

NATURALLY DISSIPATES: PERFORMACIDE is NSF NO-RINSE certified sanitizer and is EPA registered for food-contact surfaces. It leaves no harmful residue and requires no wiping, just spray and allow to air dry. Done.

NO HARSH ODOR: PERFORMACIDE does not leave any harsh chemical odors or perfumes. In fact, it takes all odors and perfumes with it as it dissipates, leaving the fresh, crisp scent of nothingness.

Does chlorine dioxide kill (deactivate) Coronavirus?

Yes. PERFORMACIDE is an EPA registered disinfectant virucide and is on EPA's List N: disinfectants for use against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID19), also Influenza-A* and many others. *See our EPA registration for the full list of pathogens, directions, and registered uses.

Does chlorine dioxide really go away on its own without wiping or rinsing?

Chlorine dioxide is a true gas dissolved into water. When the water evaporates, the leftover gas that didn't find a target to oxidize will naturally dissipate. This is why it leaves no harmful residue, unlike sodium hypochlorite which is a liquid. There is no need to wipe or rinse. Unlike bleach and quats that need to be cleaned off of surfaces after use, creating double work.

Does PERFORMACIDE make true "active" chlorine dioxide, or just the "stabilized" kind found in other products?

PERFORMACIDE generates ACTIVE CHLORINE DIOXIDE gas dissolved into water. The PPM generated depends on the amount of water used and the gram weight of the pouch. (100 PPM for disinfection, and 5 ppm for sanitizing.) However, active ClO2 is a true gas and does not store for very long, which is why you must make it fresh on-site instead of shipping it in ready-to-use bottles. 
Other ready-to-use liquid products that claim to use "STABILIZED CHLORINE DIOXIDE" are really just liquid chlorite and do not contain any actual ClO2 gas. They do not have the same oxidizing capacity as real ClO2, so most are mixed with toxic quaternary ammonium compounds to boost them up. Look for products that add quats (anything that contains the name "Ammonium Chloride"). 

Does this have an odor either during use or after?

Because it is an oxidizer, it smells sort of like chlorinated pool water, which quickly dissipates and leaves the crisp scent of "nothingness" when it dries, similar to after a rain. As with any chemical, never put your nose in the bottle where it is most concentrated, but when sprayed, there is no harsh or unpleasant, lingering odor. ClO2 is a gas and will naturally dissipate into the air as soon as the water evaporates, leaving no trace or smell. Chlorine dioxide is the same chemical compound used in modern municipal water facilities, so you have likely already smelled it countless times without knowing it.

Is chlorine dioxide environmentally friendly?

As a chemical, chlorine dioxide is used in modern water treatment plants all over the world and maybe in your home's water pipes right now. It is used in food processing has EPAs lowest toxicity rating. As a product, PERFORMACIDE pouches have the potential to revolutionize the way we disinfect by reducing plastic waste. Imagine the waste and carbon emissions from shipping water all over the country, and then having to store it. The imagine the space to store it all in bulk. All of this can be eliminated with PERFORMACIDE pouches.

How much do I need?

PERFORMACIDE comes in 2 pouch sizes. 1.19 gram makes 32 oz of 100 PPM disinfectant or 5 gallons of 5 PPM sanitizer. The 5-gram pouch makes 1 gallon of 100 PPM disinfectant or 20 gallons of 5 PPM sanitizer. The ClO2 gas slowly escapes and it will become just plain water again after a couple of months, depending on how it's stored. 
You might be surprised how fast you can use it when you discover all it can do. In addition to the standard hard-surface disinfectant uses you'd expect, you can also use it as a carpet/upholstery deodorizer; a color-safe deodorizer for laundry, washing machines, dishwashers, and garbage cans, or a mold and mildew killer. It can also be diluted down 1 part to 20 parts water for use as an NSF certified no-rinse food-contact surface sanitizer, or to extend the life of fruits, vegetables, and cut flowers. *SEE LABEL FOR FULL DIRECTIONS FOR EACH USE.

Why make it fresh every 15 days?

We say to use it within 15 days to ensure the highest efficacy. But what is most special about our pouch is that it can be stored for years in a small envelope and made fresh at full strength when you need it. Hydrogen peroxide lasts 1 to 6 months after opening. Bleach lasts under 6 months. Bleach-water lasts 24 hours. That leaves a lot of room for error.
There are many other disinfectants, and all lose potency at varying rates, but most people really don't know if their disinfectant is good or expired. Many people will continue to use old bleach at home and believe that it does something. We have some pretty scary pathogens listed on our label, so we make it fresh to be sure that it's potent and effective because failure is not an option.

What happens after 15 days?

The PERFORMACIDE pouch generates FRESH chlorine dioxide at 100 ppm. it's at maximum potency because the ClO2 gas slowly escapes and it will become just plain water again after a couple of months, depending on how it's stored. However, there are so many uses that it's pretty easy to use in 15 days. It's not important for everyone, but the real benefit is that our pouch lasts for years and takes up no space to store. Whereas a bottle of liquid bleach lasts less than 6 months from the day it's made. The pouch lets you make it fresh, always at full potency when you need it to work against the pathogens on our label. It's also a great addition to emergency supplies.

How does chlorine dioxide compare to hydrogen peroxide?

Hydrogen peroxide works similarly to ClO2 (chlorine dioxide) in that they both kill by oxidation and don't require rinsing. An "OPENED" bottle of hydrogen peroxide will last 1-6 months before it expires, (Vs. bleach only lasts 6 months from manufacture date). However, ClO2 has 2.5 times more effective capacity with 1/3 less oxidative corrosion issues of hydrogen peroxide or bleach. This means you can use a much lower concentration of chemicals for the same result. 
However, there are some other benefits of PERFORMACIDE pouches found nowhere else, such as; they are easier to ship and last longer in storage; less plastic waste; no shipping water; and you can carry 1000 gallons worth in a backpack and not notice. ClO2 has more overall possible uses because of it's lower oxidative damage potential, and because it is a true gas dissolved in water, whereas hydrogen peroxide and bleach are liquids in solution. 

Is chlorine dioxide safe to use while you have a pet in the house?

Yes, the PERFORMACIDE activated solution is safe for use with people and pets in the house.
Note that the warnings change once the pouch is activated in water. The chemicals safely contained in the patented pouch must be kept inside the pouch and out of reach from children and pets. But when activated with water, it transforms into a totally different chemical compound called chlorine dioxide. ClO2 is a gas dissolved in water and not the same as chlorine bleach, which is a liquid. ClO2 is used in municipal water treatment, fruit and vegetable rinse, no-rinse food-contact surface sanitizer, and more. You can even use it to clean pet bowls and hard toys and to deodorize bedding without rinsing. Since it's a gas dissolved in water, when the water evaporates, there is no harmful residue.

Is it dangerous to store the unactivated pouches, and why are there 2 sets of warnings?

The premeasured raw ingredients are securely contained away from people and pets in the patented pouch, inside of sealed foil envelopes. There is no biocide present until you add the pouch to water which starts a reaction to generate fresh chlorine dioxide. This is why there are two SDS with different warnings. 1 for the raw ingredients in the unactivated pouch, and 1 for the combined finished product.

Is PERFORMACIDE for home, commercial, or industrial use?

PERFORMACIDE ClO2 is EPA registered for home, commercial, and industrial use.  ClO2 itself is commonly used in municipal water treatment, fruit and vegetable rinse, as a hard-surface disinfectant, mold and mildew killer, deodorizer, and as an agricultural aid. It is extremely versatile and we have 30 EPA registered uses on our registration from bottling, to crime scene decontamination to poulty drinking water. https://www3.epa.gov/pesticides/chem_search/ppls/087508-00003-20200427.pdf

Is PERFORMACIDE NSF certified for use on food contact surfaces?

Yes. PERFORMACIDE it NSF Certified as a no-rinse food-contact surface sanitizer. PERFORMACIDE may be used on previously cleaned food preparation surfaces; fountain drink and beverage dispensers; glassware, plates and eating utensils, and food and beverage processing equipment at a dilution of 5 ppm and an exposure time of 1 minute.

Does chlorine dioxide react with other cleaners to create toxic gas or residuals like sodium hypochlorite (bleach) does?

Chlorine dioxide does not react with ammonia nitrogen, amines, or other oxidizable organic matter. Chlorine dioxide is a true gas dissolved into water. When the water evaporates, the leftover gas that didn't find a target to oxidize will naturally dissipate. This is why it leaves no harmful residue, unlike sodium hypochlorite which is a liquid in solution.

What does the asterisk next to the virucide* mean?

It means: *See full directions for specific uses to identify specific viruses and directions for virus claims. This product is on EPA List N: Disinfectants for use against Sars-CoV-2 (COVID19)*. It is also registered for use against Influenza-A*. The EPA registration, full list of pathogens, directions, and use sites can be found on http://PERFORMACIDE.com or the folded insert included in the package.

Why are there two SDS sheets?

PERFORMACIDE has a 2-Part SDS. One SDS is for the UNACTIVATED raw ingredients contained inside the pouch. The 2nd SDS is for the ready-to-use solution after activation. Note, they are completely different compounds before and after activation. Both SDS are in the same PDF file.

Why haven't I heard of chlorine dioxide if it's really so amazing?

You may know of ClO2 because it is used in municipal drinking water, bottling, food processing facilities, fruit & vegetable wash, etc, but since it has always been difficult to make until now, it is new to most people outside of any industry that uses it. But why? 
ClO2 is 2.6 times more powerful than liquid bleach without all the negative effects like toxicity and corrosion, but it does not store well. Liquid bleach lasts 6 months from the date it is made, but chlorine dioxide only lasts a couple of months at best, so it is always made fresh on-site by chemists with machines, until now. Our pouch can create fresh, effective, ClO2 where and when you need it, without all the plastic waste or need to ship water around the country.

Why use PERFORMACIDE Vs. cheaper liquid bleach or other ready-to-use disinfectants that last longer?

The loss of potency is gradual and it actually takes much longer than 15 days for the chlorine dioxide gas to escape. We err on the side of caution because have some very nasty pathogens on our label from Ebola to Polio, and thus failure is not an option. Most people don't realize that hydrogen peroxide only lasts 1-6 months after opening which is a large window of error, bleach only lasts 6 months, and wipes 1 year. Many people are using old and expired disinfectants that do nothing without knowing it because there is no regulation for expiration dates for these products!
Yes, there is a tradeoff and ClO2 will never last as long as some of the others by nature. The real benefit of PERFORMACIDE is that our unactivated pouch will store for years longer than bleach in minimal space with little waste. You can put 50 in an iPhone box and it will be effective when you need it, long after the bleach turned to saltwater. Also, ClO2 has 2.5 x more effective capacity with 1/3 less corrosion potential than bleach so you can use a much lower concentration with the same result, without corrosion or toxic carcinogens. 

Will chlorine dioxide damage fabrics or etch ceramic or sealed stone surfaces?

Chlorine dioxide, a gas, is not the same as chlorine bleach, a liquid. ClO2 gas dissolved in water has 2.6 times the effective power of bleach or hydrogen peroxide with 1/3 lower oxidizing potential. This means you can use a lower concentration of ClO2 with the same results without corrosion or damage. It is safe to use ClO2 on sealed-stone, granite, marble, ceramics that are safe for water with no damage. At the 100 PPM concentration indicated for disinfection, it will not damage fabrics or corrode metals like bleach or hydrogen peroxide.

Will PERFORMACIDE remove stains such as mildew or urine?

Chlorine dioxide will not remove stains, bleach, or discolor fabrics. It will kill mildew and remove all odors, including smoke, mildew, and urine. Conversly, mildew stain removers will not kill the mildew spores, so a 2-step treatment is recommended. 1st remove the stain with a Mildew Stain Remover, then kill the spores with PERFORMACIDE chlorine dioxide.

Will this discolor fabrics like bleach?

It does not discolor fabrics like chlorine laundry bleach when made as directed on our label. The 100 PPM concentration we use to disinfect and deodorize is 2.6 times more effective than fresh laundry bleach without causing oxidative damage or corrosion. We use it in our offices to clean and deodorize carpet, upholstery, and two brown leather sofas. However, ClO2 is very versatile and could be made at a much higher PPM for industrial purposes other than what we use it for, which could discolor some fabrics if you really wanted it to.

Can chlorine dioxide be dispensed with an electric sprayer device?

The registration allows for use in pressurized sprayers, providing the directions are followed, including PPM and "VISIBLY WET" contact times for each specific use.

Does chlorine dioxide cause superbugs?

The emergence of resistant strains of microbes is a major health concern and a problem with many popular disinfectants. However, our pouch generates chlorine dioxide, which is not known to have that problem thankfully. Microorganisms do not have well-developed biochemical processes to deal with oxidizing agents. This means, despite their ability to evolve, they cannot become resistant to chlorine dioxide, which is a powerful oxidizing agent.

What's with the name PERFORMACIDE? It sounds like it should be on a demotivational poster.

Our patented, performance-killing pouch technology demotivates pathogens by oxidizing their hopes, dreams, and self-esteem until they give up... with no rinsing, no wiping, and no poisonous residue! Well, we laugh at the name too, but it's on the EPA registration and the patents.