Day Care Centers, Schools, & School Buses

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Day Care Centers, Schools, & School Buses

Killing Germs in Day Care Centers

As more families require two incomes, more children are in daycare. Little ones catch colds; get impetigo, conjunctivitis, and a host of other illnesses quite regularly, so proper cleaning of childcare facilities is an important factor. PERFORMACIDE® kills germs, bacteria, viruses and leaves no harmful residue on the hard surfaces that have been treated.

Effectively Killing Germs in Schools

Killing germs and viruses effectively in schools can drastically improve the attendance rate and therefore; increase the amount of federal, state and local funding the schools receive. PERFORMACIDE® effectively kills germs in schools. Plus, it’s easy to use as it is simply sprayed on surfaces and allowed to air dry. No cleanup is required with PERFORMACIDE® because it leaves no harmful residue.

School Bus Sanitizing

PERFORMACIDE® is safe for use on school buses, kills germs, bacteria and viruses. Plus, because PERFORMACIDE® leaves no harmful residue behind, it requires no cleanup. Just spray and let air dry.

PERFORMICIDE for Educational Facilities

Day care centers, schools and those who maintain school buses are presented with the difficult issue of killing germs on hard surfaces. With PERFORMACIDE®, spray it directly on the surface and allow it to air dry on its own. There is no need to rinse or cleanup, as it leaves no harmful residue. PERFORMACIDE® is safe for use in daycare centers, schools and school buses.