Horticulture, Fruit & Vegetable Processing

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Horticulture, Fruit & Vegetable Processing

Safely Extending the Shelf-Life of Produce in Fruit Processing

Each variety of fruit has a different harvesting seasoning and must be transported throughout the country to different regions. This takes a fair amount of time, but the fruit still needs to be fresh when it arrives at its destination. Of course, any products used on food products to prevent spoilage in transit must be approved by the EPA for safety reasons. PERFORMACIDE® is EPA registered to extend the shelf life of produce. It can be sprayed on the fruit, or the fruit can be dipped into a PERFORMACIDE® mixture, provided the directions are followed.

Preventing Spoilage in Vegetable Processing

Just as fruit spoils in transit, so do the crisp vegetables that await purchase in grocery stores. Fresh vegetables need to be treated with EPA registered products to discourage them from spoiling during transport, and while on the grocery stores shelves. Dipping or spraying the vegetables with PERFORMACIDE®, an EPA registered product for extending the shelf life of vegetables will decrease the amount of spoilage.

Controlling Microbes in Processed Water for Horticulture Processing

Fresh flowers begin fading and dying as soon as they have been cut from the host plant. As with fruit and vegetables, people at the stores or florist shops only want to spend their money on the freshest of cut flowers. They also expect them to last for a while after they get the flowers to their homes. To maximize the freshness of cut flowers, it’s imperative that the microbial populations be reduced and controlled. PERFORMACIDE® is EPA registered for the use of reduction and control of microbial loads in processed water for horticulture processing.

PERFORMACIDE® Extends the Shelf Life of Produce and Horticulture

PERFORMACIDE® is an EPA registered product safe for extending the shelf life of fruit, vegetables, and freshly cut flowers. It also reduces and controls microbial populations in processed water used in produce processing and horticulture processing. PERFORMACIDE® helps fruit, vegetables and cut flowers stay fresh longer.