Preventing MRSA in Schools

Hard Surface Disinfectant

PERFORMACIDE® Hard Surface Disinfectant Can Kill MRSA

Preventing MRSA in Schools

Methicilin-Resistant S. Aureus (MRSA) is one of the scariest and most dangerous of the community-associated (CA) microorganisms. The CA-MRSA infection generally starts out as a skin infection and has the appearance of small pimple-like bumps, or spider bites. Once these signs appear, the bumps will rapidly become larger and boil-like, as well as very painful. MRSA is resistant to the antibiotics created by pharmaceutical companies, therefore; it is a life-threatening infection which can cause death. CA-MRSA is spread through contact with the infected skin. Schools can be a veritable breeding ground for dangerous microorganisms like MRSA. The best way to ensure the health of the students and staff is to routinely disinfect hard surfaces with a disinfectant that is EPA registered for killing MRSA. Performacide® Hard Surface Disinfectant is a hospital grade disinfectant that kills MRSA and is registered for use in Schools, Colleges, School Buses, Day Care Centers, Gymnasiums, and Sick Rooms.

Proper Hygiene Helps Prevent MRSA Outbreaks in Schools

Keeping hands clean and free from germs can surely help to prevent MRSA in schools. Many schools have opted to have sinks installed outside of the lavatories so teachers can ensure children wash their hands. Of course, keeping hand sanitizer available also helps, as does sanitizing hard surfaces. Performacide® Hard Surface Disinfectant can be sprayed directly onto surfaces to kill the MRSA virus on Bathroom Surfaces, Desks, Drinking Fountains, Sports Equipment, and Wrestling Mats.

Hard Surface Sanitizing Prevents MRSA in Schools

Keeping a school clean is important for a host of reasons, however; not all cleaners kill dangerous microorganisms like MRSA, Norovirus, and Hepatitis, among others. When choosing an EPA registered disinfectant for use in schools it is important that not only it be EPA registered as effective against MRSA but also not leave any harmful residues on the surfaces that are treated. Performacide® Hard Surface Disinfectant can be applied with a mop, sprayer, and sponge and be left to air dry leaving no harmful residues. There are many wet mops available with microfiber heads that liquids can be applied to floors and wrestling maps and then allowed to air dry.

PERFORMACIDE® Hard Surface Disinfectant Can Prevent MRSA in Schools

MRSA is a very dangerous microorganism that can run rampant very quickly in a school or day care. PERFORMACIDE® Hard Surface Disinfectant kills a variety of microorganisms, including MRSA, Hepatitis, E-coli, Staph, Norovirus, Tuberculosis, and HIV-1. In order to keep staff and students safe, use PERFORMACIDE® Hard Surface Disinfectant as part of a comprehensive sanitation program.