Eliminate Norovirus without Harmful Residue

Hard Surface Disinfectant

PERFORMACIDE® Hard Surface Disinfectant is EPA registered against Norovirus and leaves no harmful residue

Eliminate Norovirus without Harmful Residue

Effectively Eliminating Norovirus 

Norovirus is the number one cause of disease outbreak caused by contaminated food in the United States. Norovirus is not the same as food poisoning or typical stomach flu. Indeed, food poisoning can be caused by the Norovirus microorganism, but more often it is caused by different germs and even chemical contamination. Norovirus is in no way related to the influenza virus, it is an independent microorganism in and of itself. It is highly contagious hence; proper hygiene and disinfecting practices are warranted to prevent outbreaks in restaurants. Proper disinfection of hard surfaces in restaurants using an EPA registered product specifically listed as effective against Norovirus will help eliminate outbreaks.  Performacide® Hard Surface Disinfectant is EPA registered as hospital grade and effective in killing Norovirus on hard surfaces.  Performacide® Hard Surface Disinfectant can be used in restaurants, and public eating places and be applied to surfaces such as Door Knobs, Chairs, Table Tops, and Salad Bar Sneeze Guards.

Eliminate Norovirus on Cruise Ships

The easiest way to eliminate Norovirus on cruise ships is to keep the hard surfaces cleaned, disinfected and sanitized. People getting sick can also open up the cruise line to lawsuits, as well as loss of business due to bad publicity. It’s better to purchase the right products to keep the passengers and crew healthy than to use cleaning products that simply cannot kill the Norovirus microorganisms. Performacide® Hard Surface Disinfectant is EPA registered for use on all hard non-porous surfaces throughout a cruise ship, including food contact surfaces. 

Eliminating Norovirus in Kitchens

There are many variables that can affect the quality of food, including microorganisms that cause Norovirus and other dangerous infections. Not all traditional disinfectants eliminate Norovirus microorganisms on hard surfaces. Performacide® a hospital strength disinfectant kills Norovirus in cafeterias (kitchens) without leaving any harmful residues. 

PERFORMACIDE® Eliminates Norovirus Microorganisms

Part of the solution in eliminating Norovirus in restaurants and cruise ships is to use PERFORMACIDE® Hard Surface Disinfectant on hard non-porous surfaces. Not only is it effective against Norovirus, but it also kills HIV-1, MRSA, Hepatitis and Tuberculosis.